Featherweight Records

Punch Above Your Weight

An extension of Hawk’s Nest Music, Featherweight Records operates with the same ethos: Do Dope Shit With Your Friends. Often our team┬áhas seen the musical visions of their friends wither on the vine or not bloom at all due to a lack of resources or guidance. Featherweight Records is here to rectify that, putting the years of industry experience, networks, and knowledge of the Hawk’s Nest Music team at the fingertips of our artists – at every step of the process, from development to distribution, to help their musical vision take flight.

As serious audiophiles, we also insist that, in addition to a standard digital release, every project gets the vinyl treatment as well as an immersive mix from our cutting edge Atmos studio. We strive for a cohesion of concept presented in the best audio formats available and ushered out to the world on a focused trajectory for sustained creative growth.

No musical boundaries, genre restrictions, or preconceived limitations of what a label can be.

We may not be the big guys, but we help our artists punch above their weight.

Let’s build!